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A crucial Action of our Projects is Mitigation and Protection.

We cannot reach net zero without recognizing that water is central to protecting some of the largest carbon sinks such as wetlands, oceans, and forests.

Together, we need to protect, restore, and prevent further degradation of our ecosystems to ensure their maximum carbon storage and capture capacity.

Green reform should not be considered a cost but a global emergency that we face and need a collective action to avoid catastrophic events that are going to be detrimental to national economies.

Our current Projects

1. Education, public awareness, and training of Sustainable Development and Environment protection in DR Congo.”
2. Waste management, public and ecological health globally in Kinshasa DR Congo.
3. Action for a Deforestation-Free Future in DR Congo.

4. Climate Change fight

5. The Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

6. Construction of

  • 2 Hight Schools,

  • 1 professional education school for adult women to eradicated illiteracy.

  • 1 kindergarten for orphan kids.

at Lusambo in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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